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The percentage of Internet users in the world phone numbers









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For this reason phone numbers has just published a map showing the percentage of connected users around the world .We have all used the benefits of Google Maps for a long time. In addition to the satellite view or map only options, the “street view” helps many to get to the desired address. It is also useful for making virtual trips and getting to know various cities in the world without leaving home.

On this occasion, Google makes a phone numbers available to users indicating the percentage of users who have connected to the network of networks since 1994. It is impressive to see the accelerated growth of Internet users all over the planet start with North America. According to the information provided by data.worldbank.org in Canada 86.8% of the population uses the internet. In the United States we find that they are 81% and in Mexico only 38.4%. It is interesting to observe the graph of rise in the use of the internet. While by the year 2000 Mexico had 5%, its northern neighbors already had about 40%.

It is worth mentioning that phone numbers published data takes into account connections from any mobile or desktop device. It is evident that in Central American countries the percentage of Internet users is relatively low. Thus, in Guatemala 16% are connected, and in Nicaragua 13.5 %. The Caribbean also exists and is connected to the great network. In Cuba 25.6% of the population are connected, in Haiti 10.9% in Jamaica 46.5% and in the Dominican Republic 45%. While in Puerto Rico they reach 53.4%.

phone numbers we can see, for Latin American countries the increase in the number of Internet users has accelerated in the last decade. In such a way that in 2002 Colombia had only about 10% of its population connected, and in 2012 we came across the large sum of 49%. Meanwhile, Ecuador already has 35.1%, and Venezuela with 44%.

The map also shows countries phone numbers by most of the world, such as Guyana and Suriname where 34.3 and 34.7% respectively connect to the network. Bolivia, meanwhile, has 34.2% and Peru 38.2%.


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